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To the citizens of Catawba and Alexander county.
 I am running for the democratic senate seat of the 42nd district,for the state of NC. To be truthful this is the first time I have ran for candidacy of any kind. as a matter of fact when I began to think of running for office I hoped of doing it for the register of deeds of Catawba county. I had only expressed an interest in this position to a few people who are close to me. However, I believe God had a different plan than I did when I received a call from Senator Wiley Nicholas. Asking me if I would be interested in running for the Democratic Senate seat for the 42nd district. In the following moments after being asked that question I recall it feeling so surreal. I really felt unsure about the whole situation, and honestly not having an answer for Senator Wiley. After the initial moment of confusion and disbelief, I knew that this opportunity had been provided for me. So that I could make a change, as well as being the face(average face). That resembles the people who will support me and my candidacy race to become a State Senator. Who will not only believe in me, that I will be able to uphold this political seat. But to be honest and make a difference in our districts for the common man/woman. I am a hard-working African-American woman, who has worked 2 jobs for 20+ years. While also being a single-parent mother whom was raised in a single-parent household in poverty. So I know what it's like to struggle and push to make ends meet. I definitely wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth, and faced many hardships. That just like many of you have faced or currently facing now. I know what it's like to do without or wandering how or where the money is going to come from to pay your utilities/rent. Even trying to figure out how your going to put food on the table so your kids aren't going hungry. What it's like when you can't afford to take your child to the Doctor, because you don't have the extra money. When the welfare system turn you down because you make to much to qualify for medicaid/medicare, but not enough to pay your child's doctor bill. So the only thing left is to try doctoring your child yourself. There wasn't any SNAP or no child left behind when I had my children. Either you qualified for food stamps and medicaid/medicare or you didn't. This is one reason of many why I am running for office to help Gov. Cooper with the expansion of medicaid. So that single-parent mothers like me, won't have to go thru the same situations me and my children faced. Especially now that so many people are in need of medical treatment for COVID-19, but help with mental treatment that is associated with this pandemic. Also for our teachers who help better and mentor our children. Teaching,raising, and caring for our children. Sometimes they make better decisions for our children than we do, because they deal with them more on a learning/teaching level than we do. You all know the saying: "You get what you pay for"? That's why I will be fighting for better wages for our teachers plus their retirement benefits. Also lets not forget about our honest law enforcement and fire fighters. That put their live on the line for us everyday. Please note I know as this campaign pushes forward and we get thru this awful pandemic COVID-19. My list will will expand a greater horizon and include much more. However I'm confident that with you on my side the change will come. My hope is that you will have faith in me. Support me and feel assured I will represent our districts to the best of my ability, and keep your best interest as my goal. May GOD bless America..
Please pray for my daughter as well. She was added to the nurse cause, to help the people of New York with COVID-19 pandemic. She didn't hesitate jumping on the first flight out to answer her calling. She left Saturday morning leaving her babies with us, so she could help fight the good fight in the name of Jesus.



Greatly appreciate your support. Every little bit helps and we thank you for your support. Each contribution will go directly to help funding my campaign.



Again we greatly appreciate your support. Without you helping fund my campaign or believing in the same ideals we believe. None of this is possible!!



Your support is greatly appreciated and will not go unnoticed. All proceeds go to funding my campaign to help minority women follow their dreams.


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